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Soups add the butter. contraindicated meat, fish, chicken broth, mushrooms and strong vegetable soup, soup, borscht, hashish and other cold soups. It \'impossible to fill the soup with egg yolk, sour cream and mayonnaise. 2 days: yogurt - 1 liter; Rosa canina are superior in many foods for Read Full flagyl Article the content of vitamin C. The infusion of rose hips is used according fatigue hypovitaminosis C, as well as a choleretic and anti-sclerotic agent. 3. Rasslabtes.Odnoletnee known, popular family of herbs: SoNVoLVULaseae - Convolvulaceae. The commercial plant known for the treatment of severe gastrointestinal distress "teeth" garlic and onions as a disinfectant, a beneficial effect on the airways and mucus treat pribolevshy the popular mind; In addition, a bitter substance hop cones and antiseptic, as well as a remedy for hair loss (in, neurological headache, pain in the heart and relieve insomnia. 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Pain as hand aldara prescription shoots! The kidneys excrete waste products from the body and slow down, it will be necessary to ensure the exchange of water, electrolytes, glucose, amino acids and acid-base balance. reaction urine (pH) determines to a large extent, the efficiency and the properties thereof. Normally, most of urine slightly acidic reaction (pH 5.0-7.0). It depends on many factors, including age, diet, body, exercise, kidneys, etc. The lowest pH values ​​in the morning on an empty stomach, as after eating..

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Sun Direct launches New Economy Pack at 139 rupees per month


SUN Direct DTH provider has launched new package named as “Economy Pack” at rupees 159 per month.
This package consists of one regional channel and plus Free to Air channels.

Here is one of the channel list for Telugu Economy Package at 159rs

Now Sun Direct Telugu Economy Pack price is 169rs per month. they have recently hiked by 10rs . please refer this post


1 Gemini Comedy
2 ETV Telugu
3 Gemini Life
4 Gemini TV
5 Maa TV
6 Zee Telugu
7 Kushi TV
8 Gemini Action
9 Gemini Movies
10 Gemini Music
11 ETV Andhra Pradesh
12 Gemini News
13 Bhakthi TV
15 T News
16 TV 9 Telugu News
17 NTV News
18 ABN Andhra Jyothi
19 Sakshi TV
20 TV 5 Telugu News
21 Aakash Bangla
22 DD7 Bangla
23 Sangeet Bangla
24 Aastha
25 Sanskar TV
26 DD11 Girnar
27 TV 9 Gujarathi
28 Star Utsav
29 DD9 Chandana
30 Kasturi TV
31 ETV Kannada News
32 TV 9 Kannada
33 Amrita TV
34 DD4 Malayalam
35 Jai Hind
36 Kairali
37 Kairali WE
38 Safari
39 Asianet News
40 Flowers
41 Manorama News
42 Athmeeya Yathra
43 Shalom TV
44 Kairali People
45 Mathrubhumi News
46 DD10 Sahyadri
47 Mi Marathi
48 MH1
49 ABP News
50 India TV
51 News Live
52 Russia Today
53 DD6 Oriya
54 Oriya TV
55 DD Bharati
56 DD Bihar
57 DD India
58 DD Madhya Pradesh
59 DD North-East
60 DD Rajasthan
61 DD Urdu
62 DD Uttar Pradesh
63 DD1 National
64 DD12 Kashir
65 NE TV
66 Nepal One
67 DD Lok Sabha
68 DD Rajya Sabha
69 Fashion TV
70 DD News
71 DD Punjabi
72 PTC Punjabi
73 PTC News
74 DD Sports
75 DD5 Podhigai
76 Kalignar TV
77 Makkal TV
78 Mega TV
79 Vasanth TV
80 Zee Tamil
81 Kalignar Seithigal
82 News 7 Tamil
83 Puthiya Thalaimurai
84 Cine21 Telugu
85 DD8 Yadagiri
86 Subhavartha



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  1. Plz add ten sports in telugu basic pack

  2. Pls reduce movies now channel rate

    1. Movies Now channel is available in Cinema Plus package along with Star Movies. You can go for that package instead of Economy pack

  3. V6,maamovies channel update Economic pack.

  4. Plz Update Etv Plus and Maa music and Maa movies in Economic pack

    1. Add Maa movies Maa music sapthagiri channels

  5. Please add me Telugu channel’s not conning Etv all channel’s and so many channel not conning in Telugu channels only on sundirect.Telugu channels all conning in other setupbox

  6. Please add me All new telugu chanels all Etv chanels your not updating chanels other dth coising

  7. Please remove Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali,Punjabi,Kerala channels from Telugu economy package. And add sports channels as my request.

  8. You put only Telugu channel LIST in economy pack what about tamil economy pack channel list and also yearly price

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